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A small taste of perfection
Smidgin Gin Macedonia
London Dry Gin
About Smidgin
Conceived by two gin enthusiasts looking for the perfect gin, Smidgin is a one-shot London Dry Gin, distilled using a traditional copper alembic still in our MCM craft distillery in the heart of Skopje. Smidgin's recipe is based on fresh foraged juniper berries and mountain tea from the wilds of Macedonia.
The highest quality juniper berries in the world can be found on the mountain slopes of North Macedonia and these berries are sought after by gin makers all over the world.
Award winning
Why choose our gin?
Smidgin is made using sustainable production with hand-foraged wild juniper berries and mountain tea. Our pure copper still is gently heated in an energy-efficient water bath reducing our carbon footprint.
The best juniper berries
We source our juniper directly from the pickers who work on the mountain slopes. The freshly picked berries are brought to our distillery and then checked for quality and ripeness.
Finest fresh botanicals
Our botanical ingredients are fresh and full of essential oils, wild Macedonian juniper and mountain tea, shaved angelica root, coriander seeds, whole bark from cinnamon trees in Sri Lanka, fragrant cloves from India, fresh almonds.
Made with passion
Smidgin distillery is fitted-out for craft production using a traditional copper alembic still, with bottles carefully filled and labeled by Smidgin's personal distillers.
One drop at a time
We believe that the perfect gin takes time. We make each bottle drop by drop, using our recipe and process to create the unique and delicious flavour of Smidgin, a small taste of perfection.
Macedonian juniper
Mountain tea
Shaved angelica root
Coriander seeds
Bark from cinnamon trees
Fragrant cloves
Fresh almonds
Citrus fruit
Unlike commercially produced gins, Smidgin is hand-crafted and isn’t chill-filtered which means it retains all of its essential oils. When Smidgin is mixed with ice or tonic, the oil solubility decreases, turning the liquid a bit cloudy.
London dry
Our gin is made using the strict rules for a "London Dry" gin. This means that juniper must be the dominant botanical and that the gin must be properly distilled. A "one-shot" gin represents the highest standard of quality.
Rich in essential oils
North Macedonian juniper berries are special because of a high content of essential oils. They grow wild on high mountain slopes that are clean and unpolluted, the very best juniper for the world's finest craft gin.
Our Reviews
The reviews we have so far show that our Macedonian gin is truly a world-class drink. Please take a look at the reviews below.
Tasting Notes
Aromas of juniper, herbal mountain tea, grapefruit and orange citrus, and earthy spice. On the palate, oily with juniper, refreshing citrus, spice and herbal and herbaceous notes. A finish of juniper, black pepper, cinnamon and lingering citrus.
Serving Suggestion
Gin & Tonic with a garnish of Lemon Peel or Grapefruit, or in a Martini, White Lady or Gimlet.
Hand picked

Juniper in North Macedonia is not your ordinary juniper. Most juniper is an agricultural product, grown in industrial farms in India. Juniper from North Macedonia grows wild, in its native environment, and is gathered from bushes that grow naturally on the southern mountains.

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