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About us

For true wine lovers only

We are very pleased that you are interested in our selected Macedonian wines!

With our Swiss wine startup Fino Vino we are pursuing a clear vision:

Macedonian top wines in every household of a real wine connoisseur.

Discover a new world full of multi-faceted & fine wines from Southern Europe with a thousand-year history!



The team
It all started with the desire to bring beautiful childhood memories to Switzerland
Ilija Ribarski
Founder Wängi wine shop &
Online shop supervisor

A lot has happened since the first online shop was set up by hand in 2017: the founding of the wine shop in Wängi with an event location and a range of over 60 types of wine, numerous tastings and expansion into the EU.

Today, as a specialist in Macedonian spirits, Ilija sells its selected top wines in numerous countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark & Luxembourg.

Ilija has set itself the task of bringing southern European winegrowing in its purest form to the EU and proving to gourmets that Macedonian wines do not have to hide in international comparison!



Vasko Ribarski
Management Weinshop Wängi

Almost 20 years ago, Vasko laid the foundation for today's Wängi wine shop with his "Swissmac" shop and offered various Macedonian foods in his new home Switzerland.

The increasing demand for Macedonian products led to the opening of a Macedonian restaurant and the founding of MacSwiss GmbH, which specializes in importing Macedonian spirits.

At least since the founding of the first online shop fino-vino.ch by son Ilija, it was clear that the enormous potential of Macedonian wines should be promoted even more.

Today, Vasko dedicates himself to running the wine shop in Wängi to make the palates of wine lovers happy with Macedonian wines.



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